Education and career planning

Education and career planning

Making a plan

Use the tools below to help you plan for your education and career aspirations.

Match your interests with potential careers

What are your interests? By taking a quick interest assessment—in which you gauge your level of interest in various activities—you can discover careers that may suit your personality.

Find schools that offer relative programs of study

If you know what you want to do for your career but are unsure where to find appropriate training, use the Local Training Finder to find schools that offer relative programs of study for your career aspirations.

Compare your top school choices

Once you've identified your career choice and potential schools that offer the appropriate training, use the Department of Education's College Scorecard to compare your top school choices. On the website you'll find graduation rates, student body diversity information and approximate salaries after graduation as well as other interesting data points.

Also, instead of comparing only the initial sticker price, you can compare the net costs to attend different schools based on your individual situation. Check out College Abacus to easily compare your financial aid estimates and college costs for up to three schools at one time.

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