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Student loan repayment resources

We may be able to help find the right federal student loan repayment plan for you.

Prepare to pay

We'll help you find out when to start paying and provide you with information to help you prepare to make that first payment.

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Repayment options

There's more than one way to pay back your federal student loan(s). We can help you navigate your repayment options so you can create a plan for repaying your federal student loan(s).

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Trouble paying?

If you are having trouble making payments, the government offers several programs to help you keep up with your federal student loan payments. We give you information on the most common options to temporarily postpone, reduce or modify your payments.

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Loan forgiveness/cancellation

Working in public service—whether teaching at an underserved school or joining the U.S. Military—may forgive some of what you owe. And in some cases, such as fraud, federal student loans can be canceled completely. We may be able to help you determine if you qualify and help you complete any necessary paperwork.

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Why paying is important

We give you a realistic view of your options for staying current on your federal student loan(s).

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Education and career planning

Take a look at these useful tools to help you plan for your education and career aspirations, including matching your interests with potential careers, finding schools that offer relative programs of study and comparing your top school choices.

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